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Since our inception in 1938, the Norwood Public Library in Norwood, NJ continues to accommodate the growing needs of our residents. In 1938 we had 3,268 books available-today we have a yearly circulation of 37,000+ books and media, and we are still growing!

NPL Mission Statement

To meet the educational and recreational needs of the community by providing resources and services accessible to all, and to advocate a fondness to learn and read by encouraging exploration and offering supportive programs.

Library Staff

Maureen Cuschieri - Interim Director

Kena Kyqykaliu-Assistant Director/Head of Children's Services

Timothy Barnhart-Circulation Assistant

Kamala Curry-Page

Christine Ditzel-Youth Services Assistant

Natasha Maryott-Circulation Assistant

Crystal Lee-Circulation Assistant/Korean Program Coordinator

Laura Rametta - Circulation Assistant

Laura Surniak-Circulation Assistant

Fines, Policies & Fees

Please click here to view and download our Fines, Policies & Fees.

Norwood Public Library Board of Trustees

President-Rich Williams

Vice President-Gloria Maccaroni

Treasurer-Carolyn Pinkus

Secretary-Maureen Cuschieri

Trustee-Julie Goodman

Trustee-Martha Kleinlaut

Trustee-Sarah Morrow

Trustee - Austin Song

Trustee-David Weissman

Council Liaison-B.J. Kim

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